Glow Beauty Duo Set


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Product Highlights:

  • Instantaneous Hydration
  • Advanced Moisturizing Effects
  • Uniquely Boosts Internal Collagen
  • Deeper Penetration and Speedy Delivery

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Our US patent-protected Elixir Facial Mask is clinically proven to boost collagen levels keep collagen production long after use. Many face masks only take care of the surface level of dead skin making it near useless. But our revolutionary technology penetrates deep within the skin to deliver our serum to all skin cells. These give breathtaking results, leaving skin flawless and youthful, with award winning technology and eco-friendly materials.

Our collagen booster contains natural ingredients that could be found in many Asian diets. These ingredients can help to reduce water loss and hydrate the skin. Want to have healthier, younger looking skin? The Vegan Collagen Booster will give you the best result, leaving skin flawless and youthful. Not only does it yield results, but it also has a refreshing, blueberry flavor and it will keep you hydrated throughout the day.

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