About Us - Our Philosophy & Values

We believe in great tasting, quality ingredients for the health-conscious foodie in all of us.

We keep it real:
We are real people - We only use naturally grown ingredients that we will use at home. We are perfectionists - We craft the best ingredients into great tasting, healthy products that we believe in. Our favorite? The Swiss Chocolate Plant Protein. It contains various organic plant-based proteins blended with chocolate powders from Switzerland. We love it so much that we chose to share this with you. Do you know that the Swiss eat more chocolate than any other nation in the world?

We love to eat:
We are healthy foodies. We love to eat but also want to be healthy. Forget all the healthy food that tastes like cardboard. We’re tired of it and I’m sure you are too. Our products are a reflection of what we want to eat every day and there’s no fluff in the ingredients.

We really care:
We don’t cut corners. We don’t settle for less. We care about the quality - We personally select and inspect each ingredient before we put them into our products. We care about the environment - Each ingredient we use is environment friendly. It is our responsibility to protect the earth use sustainable practices to ensure continuing quality in our products.

We provide value:
We promise to do everything we can to help you on your healthy lifestyle journey. That is why we provide you with full access to our registered dietitians. We want to support you every step of the way and make sure you have all the tools you need to help you achieve your goals. Our nutritionists will connect with you on a personal level, tailoring to your own needs and supporting you on your way to greatness.

We are exceptional:
We are so conscious of our products being perfect, which is why we only produce our products in small batches. This ensures you are always getting the freshest ingredients, straight from the source!